Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I see this question quite a lot, and I can't answer for all women of course, in fact, one could say that I can't answer for any women at all. But none the less, I have had experience with several women in my life, and they've had a wide range of reactions to my wearing panties. Please note that these are not all women I have been intimate with, simply women who had some idea that I wore panties.

4 - Giggled and laughed (To be fair, for a couple of these women it was simply a matter of me pulling down my pants in a darkened corner of a bar and letting them see. By way of explanation, I was young and stupid.)

2 - Reacted in disgust (Mom and my first girlfriend. This is a good example of why mom isn't always right and why it's sometimes best that you don't marry your first love.)

3 - Kind of hesitant at first, but came around in varying degrees. These three were the middle ground and I am pretty sure some of them may have preferred that I didn't wear lingerie, but they didn't make a big deal out of it.

2 - Quite enthusiastic. Purchased me lingerie as gifts, were happy to experiment with lingerie in the bedroom.

1 - Loves it, buys it for me, buys matching sets for us, loves to make love with me wearing lingerie as much as she likes making love when I'm wearing a policeman's uniform costume. (This lady is now my wife. I know they say sex isn't everything, but the trials and tribulations of marriage are much easier to go through if you have a hot and adventurous partner.)
this will be me this weekend

We’ve never had a paddle before. All these years testing sex toys and no paddle. We’ve had crops and whips but this is the first time the flat face of a paddle has contacted soft skin in the Sex Toys Buzz boudoir.
There are a lot of paddles on the market ranging from the ridiculously kitsch and cutesy to the vicious and frightening varieties. We chose to review one in the middle from a manufacturer that we know and trust – Triple X. This particular paddle is made from one piece of leather stitched and sealed around the edges, making it practical and durable. There are no studs or spikes and definitely no words like “Slut” cut into the leather; This is a tool not a toy. To give you an idea of size the paddle is 33cm long, with a blade length of 20cm and width of 8cm. It is constructed from two pieces of quality leather with a flat stiffening rib down the centre that you can just feel when you flex it.
We took turns with the paddle, me first, then Suze.
Suze began by rubbing my skin gently with the flat blade of the paddle as I lay face-down on the bed. The surface is smooth so it glides over your skin, only snagging a little as she slipped it playfully between my slightly open legs to massage my scrotum. Starting with gentle taps she began to experiment on my buttocks, eventually striking them with shuddering force yet not causing too much pain. The area of the paddle, expertly wielded means the force of each blow is spread so you feel the intent but without the stinging you would get from a crop or whip wielded with a similar power.
Suze then lay naked next to me and it was my turn. The paddle was great fun to wield, as much for the sensual stimulation it can deliver as the sudden shocks and quivering skin and muscle it creates. Yes, much of the enjoyment of using this toy is the delicious anticipation you can create in you and your partner as to where the next sharp blow will fall. I must say that for someone that doesn’t normally like to be spanked before sex she enjoyed it rather a lot.
As did I.
By the time I’d finished I was ready for action and didn’t give Suze chance to lift her face from the pillow before I was inside her, my inner dominance aroused and ready to be expressed. She, needless to say, loved it.
This is the sort of sex toy that no-nonsense users will appreciate. No gimmicks and put together well it will last for years and serve you and your partner(s) well. On the packaging it says “Serious Play” – I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

  1. Read blogs. There are loads of great blogs about spanking, most of them written by women. My Bottom Smarts has lots of information for newcomers and links to other blogs that are worth exploring. You can read about other people’s experiences, ask questions, get ideas and reassurance. I know several people who first confided their spanking fantasies anonymously on some spanking blog or other – and ended up meeting play partners and friends for life. Besides, sending your lover a link to a blog post can be an easy way of telling them what you like…
  2. Watch porn. There’s a lot out there, but again, blogs can be a good place to start. If you’re concerned about the consent aspect of spanking videos, a lot of performers have blogs which might help reassure you. SpankingTube is free, and includes sample clips from a lot of sites, as well as amateur clips produced by couples at home.
  3. Show your lover some erotic writing, pictures or video you like, and see what they think. Ask them about their fantasies – you might find ideas that work for both of you.
  4. If your partner isn’t sure at first, try not to pressure them by mentioning it repeatedly. However, a flirty text or email telling them what you want them to do to you never goes amiss. Emphasise how turned on it would make you. Few people can resist the desire to indulge their lover – and your enjoyment might be contagious!